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In this day and age, all modern media following sports events is under pressure of publishing results of those events as soon as they are finished, and if possible, during the duration of them – providing real time scores. Aside from scores, most of the time there’s also a need for standings (and other statistics) from various competitions, while the range of the required sports itself is becoming largely increased thanks to increases popularity and interest in online betting. To follow such a wide range of sports is becoming increasingly costly for most media, from both the technical and financial angle, which is the reason we developed Sportinfocentar.

Sportinfocetar is a complex system made of live scores application, a large variety of tables (standings etc) and statistics, and it’s already been recognized and used by various media (TV, WWW, printed media, IPTV etc). Most of them have it integrated in their own system in a way that the end user is almost completely unaware that the content he’s viewing is coming from an “outside” provider.

What is Sportinfocentar made of?

live scores
- System provides information about current score and current running time of the event for a large variety of world wide events, and additional detailed info (goal scorers, line-ups, player statistics) for some of them, which is being updated real-time
schedules, standings, statistics
– It’s possible to view standings, both previously played and upcoming games (schedule), and all other relevant information about the competition, while some competitions will have additional detailed information and statistics.
Odds comparison
– Our system is constantly refreshing and comparing available and newly published betting odds from both Croatian and all relevant online bookmakers.

Our database includes above information about large variety of competitions, including almost every single one that appears in the betting offers, starting from football (soccer), basketball, handball, tennis, ice hockey, waterpolo, volleyball, rugby, baseball, formula1, motorsports, winter sports, etc.

Which media can use Sportinfocentar?

  • Web – System can be extremely useable because live score can be easily integrated into several different formats (small display integrated into web page frame, bigger half/full screen display). There’s also the ability to include standings and other tables into headlines, news, etc. This is already being used in one or the other form by more popular portals such as “Sportske Novosti”, “”, “T-Portal”, “”, and so on.
  • Printed media – biggest advantage for printed media is getting fully done tables and stats or even match details/reports without the usual or additional deadline hassle, already being used by “Sportske Novosti”.
  • TV – system is able to generate TV graphics with updated scores, but also to update Teletext pages, currently being used by “Sportska Televizija”.
  • IPTV – service providers are able to provide additional sports information (primarily live score) either during or after the games. Was previously used by “Max TV”.
  • Bookmaker newsletters, weekly magazines – System can easily be integrated into betting specialized magazines, was previously used for, at the time, highest quality betting magazine in Croatia – “Fortuna Sport”.

Web portals

Sportinfocentar’s content is ready in a way so it can be easily and swiftly integrated into web pages. Live score service can be displayed in two different formats. First one is a small frame which is usually integrated into the main page (or one of the subpages), and can include either scores from all games or just some of them, or it can be formatted to display scores from just a single sport or competition. Other format is a bigger display, which is being displayed as a separate page, and it has a bigger variety of options (user is able to select sports or competitions by himself, there can be additional info displayed under games, such as goal scorers, etc.)

In both formats each games can be provided with additional info in “pop-up” screens (goal scorers, line-ups, substitutions, bookings, individual basketball players statistics…)

Web site can also have, as a part of it’s section, standings from one or more leagues/competitions, which is automatically refreshed. Apart from that, Sportinfocentar has the ability to include the table or a match report directly into a relevant news (not able to refresh itself automatically, represents the positions at the time it was included in the news).

Both the livescore and the tables can be easily integrated in different styles of web pages, starting from visual appearance, technical integration, content control (which leagues/competitions get displayed, and which not) and last but not least, functionality

Our live score and tables are being used by eminent Croatian web sites such as “Sportske Novosti”, “” (, “”, and they are also the main core for the most popular and most detailed betting website in the region –, our company’s product. Information from our system is being used as a base for both betting previews and betting tips on Dvoznak, and also in the detailed statistics comparison of teams, players and odds comparison


Our system can be used on different IPTV platforms as an application that gives users insight about current scores, tables, statistics and all other information while watching TV channels.

Croatian Telekom (HT) has recognized the possibilities of our system, and in cooperation with us, launched an application for their IPTV platform Max TV, giving users direct information about scores, line-ups, goal scorers, tables, players information etc. Application was both well accepted and frequently visited/used by Max TV users.

Betting magazines

Sportinfocentar can be used as an excellent base for weekly betting magazines (newsletters) and it has an excellent possibility of generating all content necessary fur such a publication.

Our company was publishing weekly newsletter “Fortuna sport” (2009.-2010.), which was ahead of the competition in the Croatian market by both quality and functionality. We’re able to prepare and provide a full service – beside all the data coming from our system, our company has envisioned a concept and also edited and prepared the above mentioned magazine for publishing.

Printed media

System can also be used in printed media, in a way where selected content – most frequently “head” (player stats for basketball and handball, line-ups and goal scorers for football), but also other statistical content, tables etc, is automatically prepared and sent for printing. This eliminates the need for manual entering of all that information, there’s not time wasting, and editors and journalist can focus on their main tasks, while other information is added easily and accurately, almost “within a second”. This is currently being used by lone Croatian sports newspaper “Sportske Novosti”.

TV Graphics

Our system is able to generate TV graphics, including current scores and tables (standings), which can be displayed during the TV emitting, which can be extremely interesting and useful to users who like to be in touch with updated scores and sports information while watching the TV channel at the same time. Beside that, our system is able to refresh the content of Teletext service.

This option is currently being used by “Sportska televizija”, the only Croatian sports channel with a national concession.

What makes Sportinfocentar the best choice?

There’s a number of reasons why our solution is the best one for your media and your needs, better than developing an “in house” option or purchasing a different system:

  • Client based adaptation – probably the biggest advantage. Our system is not a “finished product”, we prefer to make changes to it so our client gets the best out of it, based on client’s needs and preference, while at the same time, end user is almost completely unaware that the service provided is coming from a “third party”, rather thinking that it’s a product of a media/website he’s visiting and using. System can be adapted in several different ways:
    • functionally – adding new functionality to the system (different way/possibility of display or similar)
    • visually – client can adapt the system visually to match it’s own website or in any other way
    • Technically – again, based on client’s needs (format data is delivered or similar)
    • Content based – client selects the content (sports, matches, competitions) he wants to receive or display, where it’s also possible to display additional competitions we currently don’t have in our database. Competition and participants names can also be easily altered and adapted
  • fastest and most accurate data – We are always trying to secure data and information of highest range and quality for all covered sports. So f.i. in tennis matches, apart from current set score, we can also provide additional information about which player is currently serving, and current game score, while in basketball and handball games, we’re looking to provide the exact minute of the match, along side the current score.
  • Detailed data – Our system will never be based just on raw and simple data, like score and current status of the game; looking to add wherever possible additional data such as line-ups and goal scorers for football matches, and player statistics for handball and basketball matches, and so on.

Few references of our Sportinfocentar service:

Sportske novosti Sportske novosti – the only Croatian daily sports newspaper, which uses almost all possibilities (small and large live score, tables, statistics) of our system on it's web edition, and most of them in their paper edition, too. Cooperation started in 2008. and has been lasting since then – one of most popular Croatian portals, it's sports subpage has been using our system (live score and tables) since 2010.
T-Portal T-Portal – famous Croatian portal (generated by Croatian Telekom), has been using our live score, tables since 2011. – Biggest betting portal in the region, founded and ran by our company since 2011., uses vast number of data and other tools straight from our system
MaxTV MaxTV – by bar biggest IPTV in Croatia has used our data for specially made application during 2010. World Cup and EURO2012
Fortuna Fortuna – We were creating (and in charge for complete preparation and production) a weekly betting magazine for this Croatian bookmaker 2009.-2010.
Sportska televizija Sportska televizija – We were in charge of creating a specialized application (live scores, tables, etc. ) for London 2012 Olympics for this lone Croatian sports television with a national concession, which is hopefully only the start of our cooperation.
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